Yachtsperience in Italy

After a successful yachting trip in last years, we go to the next level in 2020. Our destinations in Italy for this year will be:

 – 14 – 21 february, Venice – Base Portoroz (Slovenia) – Carnival training sailing
 – 04 – 18 july, Rome – Salerno – Base Nettuno, Salerno – Holiday sailing (2 one way trip, with night sailing)
 – 18 – 25 july, Sicily

Venice – Carnival (14 – 21 february)

The Venice Carnival is nothing less than a grand affair, held annually in the stunning Italian city we all love. This 2-week-long festival is about parades, concerts, markets, and of course the ornate Venetian masks. This is the time when the whole city gets into the festive mood and celebrate like there is no tomorrow. 



Rome – Salerno (04 – 18 July)

Palmarola, Ponza, Ventotene, Ischia, Procida, Capri, Positano, Amalfi, Salerno

Yachtsperience holidays means premium boats. The majority of yachts are 2015 + models. You will experience “a water hotel” on new and spacious catamarans and sailingboats. Booking for Italy 2020 is open now.


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Caribbean. Greece. Italy. Croatia. Montenegro. Mallorca and more. Destinations to suit your desire to travel and to discover. Yachtsperience is more than sailing. It’s a way of living life. You can escape 7 days ( or 14 days, or a month) from your office to discover yourself, to meet new people, to explore and to live precious moments.

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