Yachtsperience in Greece

After a successful yachting trip in last years, we go to the next level in 2020. Our destinations in Greece for this year will be:

 – Sporades Islands with starting point Volos.
 – The beautiful Lefkada region.
 – Saronic Golf & Peloponnese – Athena
 – Dodecanese Islands – Rhodos

Sporades Islands

Legend has it that the gods created the Sporades Islands by tossing colored pebbles into the Aegean Sea. The myth is reflected in the name Sporades, which means “the scattered ones,” and in the colors of their verdant green hills, sapphire blue waters and sandy beaches. Located off the east coast of Greece, the Sporades archipelago includes four permanently inhabited islands, each offering visitors a unique travel experience. From bustling Skiathos with its gorgeous beaches and active nightlife to the picturesque landscapes of remote Skyros, the Sporades have something special to offer every visitor in search of a memorable island vacation.

Parties on the beach with friends, special dinners with greek cuisine, spectacular gulfs with unbelievably blue waters, sailing and greek spirit everywhere.


It is been said that Lefkada Island has some of the most amazing beaches with crystal water and wild landscape not only in Greece, but maybe in the Mediterranean Sea. That is why Yachtsperience team add this destination in 2020. The famous beaches Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma are comparable with tropical beaches. Imagine sailing here. You will have all Lefkada in your pocket, because with an yacht yiu can dail everywhere, without limits.

Lefkada is famous around the world for its pristine beaches with the turquoise waters and white sand. Apart from the incredible beaches, there are many things one can do in this beautiful island. Here you will find few of the best greek tavernas, here you can enjoy windsurfing or kitesurfing (Vasiliki being a well known place for water sports) or you can walk to Lefkada waterfalls. The greek stopry in 7 days on a premium yacht. What can be more beautiful?

Yachtsperience holidays means premium boats. The majority of yachts are 2015 + models. You will experience “a water hotel” on new and spacious catamarans. Booking for Greek Islands 2020 is open now.


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Caribbean. Greece. Sicily. Croatia. Mallorca and more. Destinations to suit your desire to travel and to discover. Yachtsperience is more than sailing. It’s a way of living life. You can escape 7 days ( or 14 days, or a month) from your office to discover yourself, to meet new people, to explore and to live precious moments.

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